Kugana has worked hard to build strategic partnerships that not only help to lighten the load of the enormous task at hand but to be able to accomplish such tasks with a greater deal of Excellency, Precision and Economy. These partnerships play a very important roll in each one of those area's.

Please check out our partners and see why it is we like them so much!



Global Priority Solutions

Global Priority is a world leader in implementing the message of values-driven leadership. For more than 25 years we have focused our attention on developing high-capacity, values-driven leaders. 


Pastor Desire Paul Norman

Pastor Norman was one of the first leaders in Rwanda to catch ahold of the significance and importance of Character, both in ministry and in every area of life! He has been a great support to the Teams that come, and a country influencer in Rwanda. Norman is our national director and through mostly his connections, we have been introduced and endorsed to many government, business, and ministry leaders, as well as pastors and orphanage directors. We owe a lot to Pastor Norman and his family for their warm hospitality and friendship over the years. 

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Casey and Florence Drent

Casey and Florence  now live in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Florence is a leading member of the local Rwandan community, bringing hope and healing to all people, but specifically Rwandese living in this area. Florence joined the Kugana team in the fall of 2016 and is using the principles of the GPS system to reach and support her Rwandese and African neighbours. We are excited about the reach that is available through relationships Florence has, both in Rwanda and here in Canada. 

Denise kayitesi

Denise Kayitesi is our administrator on the ground in Rwanda. She joined the team in May of 2017. Denise grew up in the same orphanage as our son Jackson. She organises the trainings and roundtables and along with Pastor Norman, and are constantly on the outlook for new contacts and new opportunities for sharing the GPS roundtable system of Character development. We appreciate her passion to go back into the orphanage world and bring hope and confidence to children and young adults in Rwanda.