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         Equipping the most disadvantaged youth to become adult leaders in their pursuits 


The Rwandan genocide tore apart the economic, cultural, and moral fabric of the nation. Currently there is great rehabilitation on all aspects, however there are still many disadvantaged youths that are not being helped.

For more than 8 years it has been our duty to focus on developing high capacity, values-driven leaders, so that these youth can have a better advantage in life.

Gary and his Kugana team are dedicated to be parents who equip the most disadvantaged youth to become adult leaders. In Kinyarwanda (Rwanda's official language), Kugana means to "move forward with force".



To help Rwandan's Orphans and Community Leaders develop biblically based leadership principles as a lifestyle, teaching them to value themselves, and become one of the best assets a family, a company and a country can have.


Our vision is to equip every orphaned child in the Nation of Rwanda with the strong foundation of proven universal values and principles that have brought life to people throughout the centuries.



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