Our vision is to equip every orphaned child in the Nation of Rwanda with the strong foundation of proven universal values and principles that have brought life to people throughout the centuries.

When we looked at Global Priority, we realized these are the very things that every culture struggles to embrace and employ as its foundation for functioning. We believe that if we can help orphans to develop these principles as a lifestyle, it will help them to value themselves, and become one of the best assets a family, a company and a country could have.

It is to that mission end that we established Kugana 10-40 Leadership Society.

We chose Rwanda because we believe that this small country of 11 million people is ripe for change. In every speech given by President Kagame, he uses the terms “values and principles” as two things are required to continue the amazing transformation that has taken place over the last 18 years since the genocide of 1994. We know the material of Global Priority will be another tool available for the country to see the transformation desired to actually occur.

Kugana has partnered together with Global Priorities. We are creating a team in both Canada and Rwanda to replicate this simple system. The goal is that anybody that is interested can create a self-transformation as well as a transformation in every area of their influence be it family, job, community or society as a whole.

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