Local Judges in the Commercial Court system

By Gary Janzen


Pastor Norman introduced me to Judge Esther at a Church service.

Gary Janzen with Judge Esther

Gary Janzen with Judge Esther

Judge Esther is a Commercial Court Judge in Rwanda and she is part of larger group of judges and court clerks that meet on Mondays for lunch to provide each other with fellowship, encouragement, and support.

As we discussed the current situations that the courts typically face, it became very clear to me that presenting the Biblical based chapters of Values and Principles was a viable tool to create the improvement that was needed.

We explored some of the material on principles that I thought would help in her career as a judge. When Judge Esther realized how quickly she was able to apply the teachings to her own life, Judge Esther excitedly set up an opportunity to share the material with her Monday court group of five judges and two clerks.

We were able to sit in on the first roundtable with them the following week, and when I left for Canada I kept in communication with them via email.

Over the course of the following year I was able to return once again, and I followed up with the group with a couple of personal visits during my time there.

I was so encouraged by the transformation that took place with each person. I had the distinct pleasure of presenting to each member, the final ‘Certificate of Completion’ that represents the certificate for completing the 40 lessons.

Each participant had committed to find others to teach the lessons. Some were already doing it at home with their families; others were doing it with a group of friends from Church as a home group setting.

I was encouraged by their commitment, and enthusiastic change that was visible in each individual. The group came away with a better basis on fundamental principles to then use in their judgements in court rulings, and in his or her own personal life. They had more hope and realization that they can change the country and that there is opportunity for that.

Francis Chiu