2017 A Year to look forward too

2017... A Year to look forward too    

January 4, 2017


Behold, it is a new year, and all things are new! There is real hope in the air and expectations are strong as to what can happen and what should happen.

I had a chuckle when my friend posted on January 2, “ 2017 hasn’t disappointed me yet!’

Shortly after that, my wife Karen got sick, and I was already ‘disappointed’ with 2017!!! That illness made us cancel some things already.

There have been a lot of things that could bring discouragements and frustrations, yet the whole premise of what we teach – Values and Principles, speaks of how we handle different situations that come into our lives. Every day we are training ourselves to prepare for that very time when life disappoints us or challenges what we have come to know and believe.

We probably all have heard the statement, ‘life is 90% stuff that happens and 10% is how we respond to that stuff’.

We are going through many seasons from, 


"is this making a difference?" 


"this is too big for us to see through."


"We can take on the world!" 


Discipleship is a very slow and painful process at times, and one may never see the results of the work that must go in to see fruit. 


As our team looks ahead to 2017, we are very excited about what God is about to unleash both in Rwanda and here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

I am getting great reports from Rwanda from the team members there who carry on the mission of training their peers and friends. We also have experienced the challenge of not being able to go and support/direct the work of developing the round-tables to multiply for greater influence.

We have our housing situation finally wrapping up this spring so that we will be in our condo giving us more flexibility to travel. We are prayerfully considering going in May sometime. Please stay tuned for more information as to how you can help raise up strong leaders in Rwanda and the Frazier Valley! 

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Gary Janzen 


Stephen Brown